Monday, May 16, 2011

My successful shopping trip!

I did my shopping this morning and thought I'd share a few of my favorite deals.

First, my Kroger trip (I bought exactly 10 items to get the $5 off):

(2)Boulder Chips-.99
-(2)1.00 off here (use zip 90210 if necessary)

(2)Ronzoni Pasta-.49
-1.00 off 2 here

(1)Jell-O Temptations-1.99
-1.00 off here

(4)Oscar Mayer Lunchables with fruit-1.99
-1.00 off  5/15 Smartsource
-1.00 off (previously available on Facebook)
-1.00 off here

(1)Gillette Body Wash-2.99
-2.00  5/15 Red Plum

Total before Kroger Card and Coupons-$28.32
                                                                -10.00 in coupons
                                                                -12.42 in Kroger Card savings
                                                                   5.90+.21 tax=6.11   79% Savings 

Then I ran to Target to pick up some more Zantac, Nivea and Lysol:

Nivea Happy Sensation Lotion-5.04
-1.00 off Target coupon STACK WITH
-3.00 off 5/15 Red Plum

Zantac 30 count-7.35
-2.00 off Target coupon STACK WITH
-5.00 off here

Lysol No touch Hand Soap System-8.48 Clearanced
-3.00 4/17 Smartsource

Total before coupons: 21.26
                                  -14.39 in coupons and markdown
                                     6.87 + 1.25 tax=8.12
I did the bulk of my shopping at Meijer, and saved about 40%.  But that's pretty good considering I bought 2 cases of pop, alot of non-grocery items like Ziploc baggies and Glad trash bags and also a lot of produce and deli. So 40% isn't too bad in my book.  Unlike what you see on t.v., my family cannot survive on 70 bottles of mustard and 100 boxes of cereal ...we have to buy real food around here :)      

There are some decent deals to be had out there this week...I'll keep my eyes open for more!

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