Wednesday, February 29, 2012

14 x 10 Instant Tent For $149.68 Shipped!

If you head over to Amazon you can score this AMAZING Coleman Instant 2 Room Tent for 149.68 with free shipping.

Now, this is by no means a price that makes you feel like you're getting a steal. I However, I personally have this tent and cannot speak highly enough of it (and I paid $100 more)! First of all, I would like to clarify that this is about as close as you can get to "instant" in the tent world. It takes under 2 minutes to assemble. Then it's just a matter of putting stakes in the ground.

Before I begin my my raving review, let me put in my disclaimer: I do not like to camp--not any more than I like to shove needles in my eyeballs, anyway. So, for me to say that anything related to camping is even o.k. is a raving review.

As many of you know my husband and I are avid Dave Matthews Band fans and we attend the Noblesville concert every year, camping for 2 days. The first year we had the tent we encountered tsunami type weather for Indiana--60mph winds and a couple inches of rain with thunder and tornado sirens howling in the background. Our tent was the only one that didn't end up in the field across the street. And aside from a minor leak (that happened right above me, of course) the tent was in tip top shape the next morning.

If you are in need of a tent, consider this one! It is one of the best out there.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Free Items From Vistaprint!!

It's baaaack! Through Saturday, Vistaprint is offering FREE products, you just pay shipping. Included in this offer are invitations, announcements, desk calendars, poster calendars, thank you cards, note cards, business cards, return address labels, notebooks, checks, small banners, magnets, notepads, stickers, sticky notes and small stamps.

During the last sale, I ordered a tote bag (which I use for produce from the grocery store), sticky notes, a small stamp and return address labels. My total was a little over $8. Not too shabby! I have ordered invitations and thank you cards along with the above mentioned--and have loved every single item!! They are quality products that are very affordable, even free :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Great Kraft Cheese Deal Starting Friday, March 2 At Meijer!!

**I tried out this catalina today and it IS working!! Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Cooking Creme are included as well as the Kraft Fresh Take Breadcrumb mix. You only have Friday and Saturday to snag these great deals, so don't delay!!**

Word in the coupon blogosphere is Kraft will begin running a catalina deal on Friday, March 2nd--buy 3 select Kraft cheese/dairy products, get $2 off your next purchase, buy 4, get $3 off your next purchase or buy 5+ and get $4 off your next purchase.

Since Meijer is also running an instant discount on Kraft items, this will make for a really good deal on some Kraft products!

(5)Kraft Shredded Cheese-11.65
(2)-.50 off 2 here
-3.00 off instantly
-$4.00 off your next purchase
=2.65 for 5 packages, or .53 each!!

(4)Kraft Indulgence Chocolate Cream Cheese-8.00
-(4) .75 off  2/26 Smartsource
-2.00 off instantly
-3.00 off your next purchase

I will update this post Friday after I try it out to see if the Catalina works for our area!!

Thanks for the heads up, Saving Addiction!

Schick Hydro Silk Razor + 2.75oz. Shaving Cream Deal At Walmart!

Walmart currently has the Schick Hydro Silk razor with a bonus 2.75oz. Skintimate Shaving Gel for 5.97. Use the 4.00 off coupon from the 2/26 Smartsource to snag the razor/shaving cream duo for only 1.97! Inside there are also 2 coupons: $4.00 off Schick Hydro Silk 4ct. refill and .55 off Skintimate Shave Gel.

Just as a warning, I used self-checkout and the register wouldn't take the coupon. Luckily I had a super nice lady override it and accept the coupon...but buyer beware! You may or may not be able to use this coupon depending on the associate you get, even though it is the right coupon. I've heard some stores will not accept coupons if they beep.

I also noticed a rack of $5 family DVD's with movies like Little Rascals and The Cat In The Hat. Each movie has a $5 voucher to use toward a Lorax movie ticket (which comes out this Friday, March 2). If you plan on seeing the movie in theaters anyway, you can essentially get the DVD for free :)

50% Off Mugs + Free Shipping From Snapfish!

Snapfish is running a deal through Feb. 29 for 50% off 11oz. mugs (which start at 9.99) and free shipping when you use code FEBMUGS at checkout! Mother's Day will be here before you know it--these would be a great gift!

There is also a promo for penny 4x6 prints when you use code PRINTSFEB at checkout.

Don't forget to go through Ebates for cash back!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

2/26 Meijer Ad Highlights

Here are some highlights from the Meijer ad this week. Remember to check Meijer Mealbox and Meijer mPerks for mid-week coupon releases. And remember to "clip" those mPerks coupons for buy one get one free deals on 2/29!

Coupon Insert Abbreveations:
M2S-Moments To Save
RP-Red Plum
GM-General Mills

-.50 off 2 mPerks coupon
-1.00 off Tositos dip when you buy chips 2/26 M2S

-.75 off 3 mPerks coupon
-1.50 off 3  2/26 M2S
=2.25 each when you buy 3

-.55 off  2/26 M2S

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn-buy one get one free
-.75 off 2  1/22 Smartsource

Betty Crocker fruit snacks-2.00
-.50 off 2 mPerks coupon
-.50 off 2 here
-.50 off 2  1/8 or 2/5 GM
=1.25 each when you buy 2

McCormick Seasonings-.80
-1.00 off 10 Mealbox coupon
=.70 each when you buy 10

Hunt's Tomatoes-1.00
-.45 off 3  1/22 Smartsource
=.70 each when you buy 3

Quaker Instant Oatmeal-2.50
-1.00 off 3 mPerks
-1.00 off 3  2/26 M2S
=1.83 each when you buy 3

Kellogg's Pop Tarts-2.00
-.70 off here

Gevalia Coffee-6.99
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon
-2.00 off  2/26 SS
=4.49 each when you buy 2

Starbucks Frappuccino-4.99
-.50 off 2 mPersks coupon
-2.00 off 2  2/26 M2S
=3.74 each when you buy 2

Hershey's Bliss Candy-3.00
-1.00 off 2 Mealbox coupon
-1.00 off  Feb '12 All You
=as low as 1.50 each when you buy 2 (if you're an All You subscriber)

Cold/Refrigerated Items
Country Crock-1.25
-1.00 off here

Kraft Shredded Cheese-2.33
-.50 off 2 here
=1.83 each when you buy 2
*Buy 3, get $1 off, buy 4 get $2, buy 5 get $3 instantly*
-If you can hold off on cheese until Friday, this deal gets better with a catalina! Stay tuned for info-

Kraft Philadelphia Indulgence Chocolate Cream Cheese-2.00
-.50 off mPerks coupon
-.75 off  2/26 SS
-1.50 off from your Kraft First Taste Account
=as low as free
*Buy 3 get $1 off, buy 4 get $2 off, buy 5 get $3 off instantly*
-Once again, hold off until Friday if you can!-

Tropicana Orange Juice-3.99
-1.00 off 3 mPerks coupon
-1.00 off 2  2/26 M2S

Danimals Drinks 6pk, Collision 8pk, Crush Cups 4pk-1.89
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon
=1.39 each when you buy 2

Home Essentials
Gain, 50oz.-4.99
-.50 off  1, 1.50 off 2  2/19 RP
=as low as 3.99

Brawny, 12 big rolls-13.99
-1.00 off mPerks coupon
-1.00 off Facebook coupon

Pampers/Huggies Tubs or Refills-1.99
-.50 off 56 ct.+  2/12 SS

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, 20-24oz., get 3oz. free
-1.00 off 1/29 RP

Dove Men+ Care Shower Gel/Tool-3.49
-1.00 off bodywash  1/29 RP
-.75 off deodorant  1/29 RP

Axe Body Spray-3.79
-1.00 off  2/12 SS

New Meijer mPerks Coupons!!

In honor of leap day, February 29th, Meijer mPerks has released some buy one get one free digital coupons valid only on leap day. From paper towel to shoes, there is a little for everyone!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

2/26 CVS Ad Preview

Here is the preview of Sunday's CVS Ad:

2/26 CVS Ad

A few highlights:

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief-4.99
-4.00 in ECB
-.75 off  2/26 Smartsource
=.24 each, limit 2

Thermacare heat wrap, 1ct.-3.49
-3.49 in ECB
=Free, Limit 1

Colgate Total, Sensitive, Optic White or 360 toothbrush-2.74
-1.00 in ECB
-.75 off toothbrush or toothpaste  2/26 Smartsource

Schick Hydro 5 Power Select or Hydro Silk-9.99
-4.00 in ECB
-4.00 off 2/26 Smartsource

Schick Hydro Silk Cartridges-14.99
-4.00 in ECB
-4.00 off  2/26 Smartsource

UP2U Gum-.99
-1.00 off  2/5 Smartsource

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

50% Off Sitewide At Snapfish!

Through February 29, you can score 50% off sitewide at Snapfish. Just use the code 50PREZDAY at checkout. You can also get free shipping with a $30 purchase--use code FSFEB30 (available through Feb. 29).

Plus, shop through Ebates for 10% cash back!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2/19 Meijer Coupon Match-Ups

Here are some highlights from this weeks Meijer Ad. Remember you can use 1 Meijer store coupon with 1 manufacturer coupon.

Philadelphia Cooking Creme-2.00
1.50 off 2 here
=1.25 each when you buy 2

Pace Salsa or Picante-1.89
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon
-1.00 off 2 Mealbox coupon
-.50 off 2 here

Prego, 45 oz.-2.50
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon
-1.00 off 2 Mealbox coupon

Swanson Broth-1.98
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon
1.00 off 2 Mealbox coupon

Yoplait Yogurt Cups-.60
-.40 off 6 mPerks coupon

Kraft Fresh Take Mix-2.00
-.50 off 2 mPerks coupon
-1.25 off 2 here 
-1.00 off here

General Mills Cereal, Assorted-2.50
-.50 off Cinnamon Toast Crunch mPerks coupon

Country Crock-3.00
-1.00 off 2 Mealbox coupon 

Welch's 100% Juice 64 oz bottle or 4/10 oz. bottles-3.00
-1.00 off 2 Mealbox coupon
-1.00 off here or 2/12 Redplum

Hellman's Squeeze Mayo-2.99
-1.00 off 2 Mealbox coupon
-.25 off  1/29 Smartsource

Campbell's Select Harvest Soup-1.25
-1.00 off 4 Mealbox coupon
.50 off 2  1/8 Smartsource

Knorr Homestyle Chicken/Beef Stock-2.99
-1.00 off 2 Mealbox coupon
-1.35 off here

Arm & Hammer Spin Brush or Replacement Heads-Buy 1 Get 1 Free
-2.00 off here

Schick Hydro Silk or Hydro 5 Power Select Razor-8.49
-3.00 off here

Secret Scent Expressions, Fresh Exprects or Flawless-3.99
-1.00 off  2/12 Redplum

10 for $10, get the 11th free

Hamburger Helper
-.80 off 4 mPerks coupon
.75 off 3  2/5 General Mills
.80 off 4 here or here
1.00 off 5  1/8 General Mills

Meijer Pasta
-.25 or .50 off 2 mPerks coupon

Totino's Pizza Rolls
-.40 off 2 mPerks coupon
.40 off 2  1/8 General Mills, 12/11 Smartsource
1.00 off 2 here or here

Michelina's Entree
-1.00 off 4 here

Wolf Chili
-.40 off  1/22 Smartsource

Plum Organics Baby Food
-1.00 off 2 here

Friday, February 17, 2012

Kraft Fresh Take Coupon + Upcoming Meijer Deal

Head over here to print a coupon for $1.00 off Fresh Take cheese and breadcrumb mixes. You can hold on to it and pair it with a sale starting at Meijer on 2/19:

Kraft Fresh Take-2.00
-1.00 off here

For a dollar, I'm willing to give them a try! I am hoping that Meijer Mealbox or mPerks will release a coupon, too, so they will be even less expensive.

Free Tide Pod Sample on Facebook!

Head over to Tide's Facebook Page and "like" them to score a free sample of the new Tide Pods! I am interested to give these things a whirl!

2/19 Meijer Ad Preview

The Meijer Ad Preview for 2/19 is up!

2/19 Meijer Ad

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/16 Kroger Coupon Match-Ups

Here are some highlights from the 2/16 Kroger ad. Be sure to keep an eye out for Kroger eCoupons and Cellfire coupons!

Buy 10, Get $3 off instantly, + $2 off your next purchase catalina

Dannon Yogurt, Select 4 or 6pks. or 32 oz.-2.29
-.30 off wyb 10
-.40 off Light & Fit 6pk.

Pillsbury Grand Biscuits, 8ct.-1.29
-.30 off wyb 10
-.30 off 2  12/4,12/11 Smartsource, 1/8,2/5 General Mills
=.54 each when you buy 2

Totino's Party Pizza-1.29
-.30 off wyb 10
-1.00 off 5  1/29 Smartsource or here or here or here
-.60 off 3  1/8 General Mills
=.79 each when you buy 3 or 5

Hellman's Mayo-3.29
-.30 wyb 10
-.25 off  1/29 Smartsource

Campbell's Chunky Soup-1.89
-.30 off wyb 10
-.50 off 2 here
=.84 each when you by 2

Ragu Pasta Sauce-1.79
-.30 off wyb 10
-1.00 off 2  1/29 Smartsource
=.99 each when you buy 2

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks-2.49
-.30 off wyb 10
-.50 off 2 1/8, 2/5 General Mills, here or here
=1.44 each when you buy 2

General Mills Cereal Bars or Treats-2.49
-.30 off wyb 10
-.50 off  1/8 General Mills or here
-1.00 off 2 here
 =as low as .69

Country Crock-2.79
-.30 off wyb 10
-.40 off here

Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer-3.19
-.30 off wyb 10
-.55 off here
-.75 off 2 here
=as low as 2.34

Hormel Compleats-2.49
-.30 off wyb 10
-1.00 off 2 here
=1.69 each when you buy 2

Pillsbury Ready To Bake Cookies-2.49
-.30 off wyb 10
-1.00 off 2 12/4 Smartsource, 1/8 General Mills, here or here
=1.79 each when you buy 2

Planters Dry Roasted Nuts-3.79
-.30 off wyb 10
-1.75 off 2  1/29 Smartsource
=2.74 each when you buy 2

Reynold's Wrap Aluminum Foil-3.29
-.30 off wyb 10
-.75 off 1/22 Smartsource or here

Other Sale Match-Ups

Nestle Toll House Ready to Bake Cookies-2.79
-1.25 off 2 here
=2.17 each when you buy 2

Yoplait Yogurt-10 for $6
-.40 off 6 1/8 General Mills
-.40 off 6 here
-.40 off 6 Kroger eCoupon

10 For $10
Colgate Toothpaste/Toothbrush, assorted varieties
-.50 off toothpaste 1/29 Smartsource
-.40 off toothbrush  1/29 Smartsource
=FREE + .40-.50 overage!!!

Martinelli's Apple Juice

Butterfinger, Baby Ruth or Nestle Candy

Horizon Organic Singles

Kroger Donuts

Kroger Buns or Bread

Red or Gold Potatoes

Power Bar

Vitamin Water

.38 Velveeta Cheesy Skillets at Meijer!

Head over to the Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Facebook page  to get a coupon for .50 off. You can use this coupon at Meijer this week to score the following deal:

Velveeta Cheesy Skillets-1.88
-.50 off here
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon
=.38 each when you buy 2 (remember you can only use the mPerks coupon once)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DIY Wedding Lyrics On Canvas

In honor of Valentine's Day (a holiday that Joe and I do not personally celebrate), I am writing this ever so absent personal piece for my blog. I hope you enjoy this creative art idea, along with the life lesson I learned while making it.

Last month I saw this great idea on Pinterest...your wedding song on canvas. Sweet, right? I set out to make this my first homemade art piece for our home. My journey started with a trip to a fellow bloggers website--This Humble Home. I was relieved to find that, for a nominal fee, she actually makes the lyrics up for you and e-mails them to you in PDF format. Awesome.

Next, I made a trip to Michael's to buy all the necessary items (which she ever so kindly lists for you in her article, along with step by step directions). Small canvas squares? Check. Mod Podge? Check. Cardstock? Check. I was ready to tear into this project. I'm not going to go into details, because the article completely outlines, in detail, what to do and expect. So now I will move onto the life lesson.

Half way through the project, at my wit's end and ready to start chucking the canvas out the window one by one just to blow off steam, I had to laugh at the irony of it all. This project which started with the best of intentions, was a lot like my marriage. I was so excited to get started, and like a fool thought it would be pretty easy to do. After starting over for the third time I was ready to throw everything in the trash and call it a day. Two things stopped me: the time I had already invested into the project and the meaning behind it. So I kept going.

I ripped sheets off and started over. I blamed everything from the canvas to the paint brush for the mess ups. I screamed profanity that would make Kid Rock cringe. I beat myself up for everything I was doing wrong. And then, I gave in to imperfection. I decided I would cherish it for not only the blood, sweat and tears I had poured into it but also for what all those words represented to me.

After waiting a week for my dear husband to hang them up above our headboard I was pleasantly surprised with the end result. Now don't get me wrong--I spent about a minute thinking "they don't look right" or "you can see the bubbles in the cardstock when the light comes through the window". Then I turned to Joe with a smile and said, "Perfect." And they were. Perfectly imperfect.

Every wrinkle on those pieces of canvas is representative of every wrinkle in our marriage. The fact that they are still hanging on our wall, however, overpowers any of the wrinkles. Just like the fact that Joe and I are still standing. We have stuck by our commitment to back each other up, come what may. That DIY project, my friends, is the most valuable piece in our home.

A huge thanks to Ana at This Humble Home not only for the help with the lyric layout, but for the personal reminder how lucky I am to have the marriage that I have.

Meijer President's Day Sale Preview

Here is the ad preview for Meijer's President's Day sale, which starts Saturday:

2/18 Meijer Ad

Some Highlights:

Kellogg's Nutri Grain Bars-2.49
-.50 off wyb 10 participating items
-1.00 off 2 here (use zip 12345 if necessary)
=1.49 each when you buy 2

Kellogg's Pop Tarts-1.99
-.50 off wyb 10 participating items
-.70 off here
=.79 each

Kellogg's Krave Cereal-2.49
-.50 off wyb 10 participating items
-.70 off here
=1.29 each

Fruit Loops or Apple Jacks-2.49
-.50 off wyb 10 participating items
-1.00 off 2 here
=1.49 each when you buy 2

Land O Frost Premium Honey Ham-2.49
-1.00 off here

Soft Soap or Irish Spring Body Wash-Buy 1 Get 1 Free
-1.00 off Irish Spring Body Wash  1/29 Smartsource
-.75 off Soft Soap Body Wash  1/29 Smartsource

Cottonelle Toilet Paper Deal At Meijer, + Free Redbox Code With Totinos Purchase

Look for specially marked packages of Cottonelle 12 pack double rolls--some have a coupon for $1.00 off on them. I picked up this deal at Meijer today:

(3) Cottonelle 12 pk. double roll-22.47
-(3)1.00 off coupons from specially marked packages
=19.47 out of pocket
-4.00 off your next purchase Meijer Store Catalina when you spend $20 on Cottonelle products
-3.00 off your next purchase Manufacturer Catalina when you buy (3) 12 roll packages
=12.47 after catalinas, or 0.17 per single roll!!! My goal is to spend no more than 0.25, so this is a     stock up price for me!!

I also picked up some Totino's frozen pizza today (don't judge me) and noticed some pizzas had a Redbox deal:

These specially marked boxes have a code for a free Redbox DVD rental. The best part is the codes do not expire until 12/31/12, so you have all year to take advantage of the code. My family already rents from Redbox weekly, so it's like getting the pizza for free, since the movie is already in our budget :)

Kids Eat Free @ Bob Evans Today!

Just a reminder that today kid's eat free at Bob Evan's. You can also head to their Facebook page to download a Sweet Treat Club Card, which gets you a free cookie or sundae for every kids meal purchased.

25% Off + Free Shipping at Children's Place Today!

Today only, Children's Place is offering 25% off everything, plus free shipping. Just use code HEARTS at checkout for online orders, or print a coupon to bring in-store.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2/12 Meijer Coupon Match-Ups

Boy, the match-ups at Meijer this week are crazy! Don't forget to keep an eye on Meijer mPerks and Meijer Mealbox coupons that may pop up throughout the week. Remember you can pair ONE store coupon with ONE manufacturer coupon.

Deli & Cheese, Meat
Markets of Meijer Deli Meat-4.99/lb
-1.75 off 2 lbs. Turkey, Chicken or Ham mPerks coupon

Galbani Fresh Mozzarella-2.50
-1.00 off here

Chavrie Goat's Milk Cheese-3.99
-1.00 off Facebook coupon

Bob Evans Rolls, Links or Patties-2.50
-1.00 off 2 here
-1.00 off 2 rolled sausage here
-.35 off links or patties here

Bob Evans Side Items-20% off
-Buy 1 Get 1 Free here

Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt-.50
-.40 off 6  1/29 Smartsource
=.37 each when you buy 6

Smart Balance Buttery Spread-2.50
-3.00 off 3 when you send 3 eValentines here
-1.00 off 2  1/8 Smartsource

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls-1.67
-.40 off 2  1/29 Smartsource or 1/8 General Mills
-.40 off 3 here 
-.40 off 3 here
-.40 off 2 here

Pillsbury Sweet Rolls-1.67
-.30 off 2  1/8 General Mills
-.30 off  2/5 General Mills
-.40 off 2 here
-1.00 off 2 here
-.40 off 2 here
-.40 off 2 mPerks coupon

International Delight Creamer-2.79
-.55 off here
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon
=1.74 each when you buy 2

Simply Orange, Cranberry, Grapefruit or Apple Juice-3.00
-1.00 off 4 mPerks coupon

Wanchai Ferry Meals For 2/MacGrill Entrees-4.99
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon
-1.00 off here
=3.49 each when you buy 2

Cole's Garlic Bread-1.67
-.30 off mPerks coupon

Kraft Milk Bites-2.50
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon

Dannon Pure Yogurt 6pk.-1.88
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon

Jell-O Gelatin, Pudding or Mousse 6pk./Temptations 3pk-2.50
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel/Scrambles-2.00
-.50 off 2  2/5 General Mills
-.50 off 2 mPerks coupon
=1.25 each when you buy 2

SeaPak Breaded Fish or Shrimp-3.99
-.75 off  2/12 Smartsource

Campbell's Chunky Soup-1.50
-.50 off 2 here
-1.00 off 3 here
-1.50 off 4 here
-.50 off 4  1/8 Smartsource

Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks-1.99
-.50 off here
.50 off  2/5 Smartsource
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon
=.49 each when you buy 2

Lysol No Touch System Kit-6.99
-3.00 off  2/5 Smartsource
-.75 off here
=as low as 3.99

Bisquick Baking Mix-2.00
-.50 off  2/5 General Mills

Select General Mills Cereal-2.50
-2.00 off instantly when you buy 4
-.50 off Honey Nut Cheerios here
-1.00 off 2 here or here
-1.00 off 2 Honey Nut Cheerios here 
-1.00 off 3  2/5 General Mills
-.75 off Golden Grahams

Meijer Tortilla Chips-2.00
-1.25 off 3 mPerks coupon

Pop Secret Popcorn-Buy 1 Get 1 Free
-.50 off here if you have a Disney Rewards account

Honey Bunches of Oats-2.50
-1.00 off Fruit Blends here
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon
=1.00 each when you buy 2

Hormel Compleats Dinner-2.00
-.50 off 2 mPerks coupon
-1.00 off 2 here
=1.25 each when you buy 2

Nature Valley Protein Bars-2.50
-.50 off 2  2/5 General Mills
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon
=1.50 each when you buy 2

Select General Mills Cereal-2.50
-1.00 off Multi Grain Peanut Butter Cheerios here 
  or here
-.75 off Cheerios Dulce de Leche here
  or here
-1.10 off Multi Grain Peanut Butter Cheerios here

Crystal Light On The Go-2.00
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon
-1.00 off 2 here
=1.00 each when you buy 2

Kraft Homestyle Deluxe Mac & Cheese/Velveeta Cheesy Skillet Dinner-1.88
-1.00 off 2  Homestyle Dinners 1/29 Smartsource
1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon
=as low as .88 each when you buy 2 Homestyle Dinners

Kleenex Hand Towels-2.50
-.75 off  1/29 Smartsource

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent-6.99
-1.00 off 3 here
-1.00 off 2  Jan '12 All You

Glade Candles-2.00
-1.50 off 2 here
=1.25 each when you buy 2

Windex Glass/Multi-surface Cleaner-2.50
-1.00 off 2  1/15 Smartsource

Scrubbing Bubbles, Fantastik, Mr. Clean-2.50
**Check Cooking Light, Good Housekeeping, Disney Family Fun, Woman's Day, Redbook and Shape Magazines for various coupons**

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kroger Instant Win Game!!


**Update: I logged in and played again today and won a Totino's Pizza! So my guess is the odds of winning are really good with this game. I would definitely give it a try!**

Through February 25th you can head over once a day to the Kroger Daytona 500 Website, log in with your Kroger information and play. I just won a bottle of Ragu Pasta Sauce :) Note there is a limit of 2 prizes per participant.

Thanks, Hip2Save!!

Free Gift at Bath and Body Works Today Only!

Today only, you can get a free gift from Bath and Body Works when you purchase anything from the Signature Collection line. Just use code PINKGIFT at checkout. And, if you spend $25 you can get shipping for $1.

Also, don't forget to shop through for 6% cash back!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Children's Advil Review and Coupon

I have been giving Children's Advil to Mason for years. From fevers to falls, it has been our go to medicine that is always in my bathroom cabinet. As he has gotten older he has battled with a terrible case of flat feet which leads to some pretty bad muscle pain in his lower legs...Advil always comes to the rescue for us :)

Thanks to Smiley360,  I got a chance to try another bottle and share the info with my blogger buddies! And, they were even nice enough to give me a coupon to share! To save $1.00 off your next Children's Advil purchase, just head over here.

Please remember, though I was provided a free sample from Smiley360, the opinions expressed here are my honest viewpoint. Also, please be sure to follow the instructions and recommended dosage on the box. And, as always, consult your doctor before taking any medication. Lord knows I am not doctor material :)

2/12 Meijer Ad Preview

Here is the preview for Sunday's Meijer Ad:

2/12 Meijer Ad

Thursday, February 9, 2012

$1.00 off 2 Pop Tarts Coupon!

You can head over here to print a coupon for $1.00 off 2 Pop Tarts pastries or Mini Crisps. This isn't the greatest coupon on earth, but they don't release them much. So, print this one while you can!

Earn 40 points on Recyclebank!

Head over to Recyclebank where there is a new opportunity to earn up to 40 points in honor of Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/9 Kroger Coupon Match-Ups

Here are some highlights from the Kroger ad this week. There are a few good deals to be had! Remember--if you have coupons .50 or under, use paper first!! Those coupons triple, and digital ones do not.

Wolf's Chili-1.25
-.40/1  1/22 Smartsource
=.05 each

Nature Valley Granola, Fiber 1 Bars-2.99
-.50 off 2 Nature Valley Bars 2/5 General Mills
-.50 off 2 Fiber One Bars  2/5 General Mills
-.75 off 2 Nature Valley Bars Kroger eCoupon
-.40 off 1 Fiber One Bars Kroger eCoupon
=as low as 2.24 each when you buy 2

Knorr Rice/Pasta Sides-1.00
-.50 off 2  1/29 Redplum
-.50 off 2 Kroger eCoupon
=as low as .25 each when you buy 2

-1.00 off 4  2/5 General Mills
=1.38 each when you buy 4

Zatarain's Rice-1.00
-.50 off 3 here or here
=.50 each when you buy 3

Chef Boyardee Microwavable Pasta-1.00
-1.00 off 3 here
=.67 each when you buy 3

Hershey's/Dove Valentine Candy-3.00
-1.00 off Hershey's Bliss  All You Feb. '12
-1.00 off Dove Promises  1/8 Redplum
**On all of the above deals, for each item you purchase (you must buy atleast 4) you score .25 off a future purchase, so this catalina will make for some free items! And there is no limit on how many you can buy!!**

Tide Laundry Detergent-4.99
-.50 off  1/29 P & G
-.50 off Kroger eCoupon
=as low as 3.49

Gain Laundry Detergent-4.99
-1.00 off Kroger eCoupon

Yoplait Yogurt-.60
-.40 off 6 Kroger eCoupon
-.40 off 6  2/5 General Mills
=as low as .40 each when you buy 6

Duncan Hines Cake Mix-1.25
-.35 off  2/5 Smartsource

Kibbles and Bits-8.99
-1.00 off here

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel/Scrambles-2.22
-.50 off 2  2/5 General Mills
-.50 off 2 Kroger eCoupon
=as low as 1.47 each when you buy 2

Kraft Shredded Cheese-3.00
.50 off 2 here
=2.25 each when you buy 2

Huggies Pull-Ups-9.49
-2.00 off Kroger eCoupon

Irish Spring Body Wash-3.00
-1.00 off  1/29 Smartsource

Softsoap Body Wash-3.00
-.75 off  1/29 Smartsource

Garnier Fructis-3.00
-1.00 off here

3 Free Samples and Free Shipping With 2 Item Purchase From Origins!

I love Origins.  If you are also a fan, check out the Valentine's Day offer that's going on now. When you purchase 2 items, you get 2 Mini Liquid Lip Glosses AND free shipping. When you go to the "Special Offers" tab, you can also choose a free sample with your order. The items they have start around $10.

Also, shop through Ebates for 4% cash back!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2/4 Meijer Coupon Match-Ups (sort of)

Alright, I admit it...I have been a lazy slacker in match-ups the last few weeks. You know how sometimes life swallows you up? That has been me the last few weeks. So, I apologize, with every intention of jumping back on board soon. I will update this post if I see or hear of any more great deals this week, but for now these were a few that seemed to be a good deal.

Wishbone Dressing-1.67
-.50 off  1/29 Redplum
=.67 each

Kleenex Tissue-1.00
*Buy 5 Get $1.00 OYNO, Buy 6 Get $1.50 OYNO, Buy 7+ Get $2 OYNO*
=.71 each when you buy 7

Ragu Pasta-1.50
-1.00 off 2  1/29 RP
=1.00 each when you buy 2

Dole Pineapple-1.25
-.50 off 2  1/29 RP
=.75 each when you buy 2

Entenmann's Bites-Buy 1 Get 1 Free
-.50 off Mealbox coupon

Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough-2.00
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon stack with
-1.00 off 2  12/4 or 12/11 SS or here
-.75 off 2  1/8 GM
=as low as 1.00 each when you buy 2

Activia Yogurt-1.88
-1.00 off 2 mPerks coupon stack with
-1.00 off (I'm not sure where I got them from...but they are in my organizer :/)
=as low as .38 each when you buy 2 if you can find a $1.00 off 1 coupon!

Lysol Hands Free Soap Dispenser-6.99
-3.00 off  2/5 SS
=3.99 each

Children's Disney Vitamins-Buy 1 Get 1 Free
-1.25 off here

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Free Kids Colgate Toothbrushes and Toothpaste After Catalina!!

The Kids Colgate toothpaste deal at Meijer is even better than I originally thought! The store is currently offering $4 off your next purchase when you buy 4 Colgate items! I happened to have $1.50 off coupons that I snagged from the dentist's office, so after the catalina I actually made $2.84 on 4 toothbrushes--sweet :) Even if you don't have my coupons you can still score a stellar deal:

Buy (2)Colgate Kids toothbrushes and (2) toothpastes-7.16
-(2).50 off  toothpaste  1/29 Smartsource
-(2).40 off toothbrush  1/29 Smartsource
-4.00 off your next purchase when you buy 4 items
=Free + .40 overage after catalina!!
***Note I used 2 of each item because my store will only double 2 of the same coupons per transaction. If you would like more than 2 of each you will need to do separate transactions to get all coupons to double***

$1.00 Off Pepsi Brand 24 Pack...Print Fast!

Hurry over here to print $1 off any Pepsi brand 24 pack! Pop coupons are very rare, and as an addict I love to see these coupons :)  I would print asap, I'm sure they won't last long!!