Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here we go!!

Here it is, my rookie attempt into the blogging world.  I have been thinking about doing this for a while, but decided the time was finally right.  That is, until I found myself turning to my 5 year old son and asking for pointers...enough said.
Please be patient with me as I (or my son) work out all the kinks that are sure to happen with this strange thing called my blog.  I love nothing more than to snag a great deal and if I find one, why not share it?  I hope it can be helpful to other busy Moms out there who may not have the time or energy (but really, what Mom ever has either of those) to hunt down the the least expensive box of macaroni. 
If you see anything I miss, or have something to add, please share it!


  1. You Go Girl! I will watch! I only get deals by watching blogs and match ups like yours! Did you see the pasta deal at kroger? My mom got 20 boxes of pasta FREE!

  2. Thanks Rach! I picked up some pasta as well! I just didn't take the time to post the sales from Kroger since the new ad comes out today! Kroger is one of the best places for freebies!!

  3. Thanks so much Sarah! Iam new to this as well, so far it has been pretty amazing getting freebies and saving $$$.

    Your blog will help me tremendously!!!