Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kroger's Private Selection Food Review

Thanks to the kind folks over at BzzAgent and Kroger I was able to take the Private Selection line of frozen foods for a test drive. Following are my reviews of the Southwest Style Chicken Trumpets, BBQ Chicken Pizza and Northern Spy Apple Crisp. While I was provided these items to sample, these opinions are strictly my own--now on with the food reviews!!

First, the Southwest Chicken Trumpets. I saw the picture on the box and I was in love. When I got them home, however, I wasn't quite so impressed. They are very small servings (and I was short one, to boot) but the flavor is pretty good--the sauce and peppers give these a nice kick. If you want something that has nice presentation and flavor and money is not an option, this is a good choice. For me, however, it's not worth the nearly $7 price tag.

Next, the BBQ Chicken Pizza. This stuff is down right delicious. The crust is almost like a flatbread but without the thickness. The BBQ is a little spicy, but I think that is what sets this pizza apart from many others. Once again, the size is on the smaller end, but at a more reasonable $5 I can see myself purchasing this again.  The way they suggest cutting it gives it a sophisticated presentation and I would definitely consider serving this for company. Overall this gets my raving approval.

Last but not least, the Apple Crisp. Warming this in the oven made my house smell like I actually knew how to bake, making it worth the $3 price tag before I even tasted it! The apples and topping stayed crisp and didn't get soggy during the baking process (which happens with alot of these kinds of desserts) and it tasted pretty good. It's not homemade, but for the price and convenience I say it's worth the money!

BzzAgent was nice enough to supply me with some coupons so if you would like one let me know, I still have a few left!

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