Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My trip to the dentist...

On top of the fact that yesterday was Monday, I also had to go to the dentist for my bi-annual teeth cleaning. I moped through the front door with my head down, signed in and tried to block out the shrill sound of the dentists drill by looking for a magazine to read. Did I mention that I DESPISE the dentist?!?! (Nothing personal to all you dentists out there-it's just a little mental issue)

The magazine about Marc Anthony and J Lo's divorce was doing nothing to calm my anxiety or make me feel better. I was scanning the room trying to find anything that might hold my attention...and then I spotted it.  A tear pad. With a coupon for Reach dental floss. A TWO DOLLAR coupon. Instantly my mind was reeling and I was having to exercise all restraint not to stuff the whole tear pad in my purse and dart out of the office.

Through my teeth cleaning I was thinking "OK, I've seen it at Target for a couple bucks, at CVS it was more but with extra care bucks I could really make a great deal of it" and before I knew it my cleaning was over and I was on my way!

The moral of my story is simply this: find pleasure in small things. It's what gets you through the big things. And on a side note-I know I am slightly neurotic. Don't judge me ;)

You can find coupons in the places you would least expect them! I also see coupons at the pediatricians office for things like formula and general medication like Tylenol (and a few times they have even had samples). Keep an eye out!

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