Thursday, September 15, 2011

Smartsource coupon insert sneak peak for 9/18 and 9/25

Here's a little sneak peak of Sunday's Smartsource coupon insert for the next TWO weeks:

9/18 Smartsource
Johnsonville Italian Sausage-.50 off
Campbell's Condensed "Great For Cooking" soups-.25 off 4
Jollytime Microwave Pop Corn-.50 off
Wonderful Pistachios-1.00 off
Tabsco, any size/flavor-.50 off
New York frozen products-.40 off
Finish Quantum, Powerball or Gelpac-1.00 off
Finish Dishwasher Cleaner-.75 off
Finish Jet Dry rinse agent-.75 off
Revlon Age Defying product-5.00 off
Archway brand cookies-.45 off
Bon Appetit frozen meal-1.50 off
Dole fruit crisp-.50 off
Tom's toothpaste or mouthwash-1.00 off
Tom's of Maine deodorant-1.00 off
Tom's of Maine bar soap-1.00 off

9/25 Smartsource
Schick Quattro Titanium Razor-2.00 off
Schick Quattro Titanium refill-2.00 off
Edge shave gel-.55 off
Dean's Trumoo Chocolate Milk 1/2 gal +-.55 off
Cheerios-1.00 off 2
General Mills cereal-1.00 off 2
Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough-.75 off 2
Glade Sense and Spray starter kit-3.00 off
Glade Press and Spray starter kit-1.00 off
Irish Spring body wash or 2 multi-bar packs-.50 off
Irish Spring deodorant-.50 off
Softsoap body wash 12 0z +-.75 off
Softsoap hand soap pump or refill-.35 off
Softsoap bar soap 2 bar +-.50 off
Welch's 100% grape juice 64oz + or 6 pack-1.00 off
Welch's juice cocktail or Healthy Start juice-.75 off
Welch's jam, jelly or spread-.55 off
Indiana popcorn, family size bag-1.00 off
Brawny paper towels-.50 off
KC Masterpiece BBQ or marinade-.50 off
Kingsford charcoal or match light charcoal-2.00 off meat
Morton Season-All-.55 off
Glade Plugins scented oil twin refill or 2 single refills-1.00 off
Glade 4 oz Jar or scented oil products-1.00 off 2
Glade premium room spray-.55 off
Pledge fabric sweeper-1.00 off
Pledge furniture care products-2.00 off 2
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning products-2.00 off 2
Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaners-2.00 off 2
Shout product-.55 off
Scrubbing Bubbles fantastik all purpose cleaner-.75 off
Windex products-1.00 off 2
Windex Multisurface-1.00 off
Pyrex glass storage-1.00 off
Clearasil-1.00 off
Duncan Hines whole grain muffin mix-1.00 off

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