Monday, August 20, 2012

It's been (roughly) 76 days since my last post...

Alright. So it's been 76 days and I am just showing my face around Blogger again.  We didn't do a lot of traveling aside from our annual trip to Big Star Lake in Michigan and our weekend camping trip at Klipsch (aka Verizon, aka Dearcreek) Music Center to see Dave Matthews Band in Noblesville. It's ok to be jealous of my worldly travels :) The big guy has worked A LOT of overtime this summer so I have just tried to stay tuned in to Mason...which is fun but exhausting.

We are planning a move in the spring, which means trying to get the current home ready to go--ugh. My kitchen has spent several weeks torn apart and we--I mean, Joe--are slowly piecing it back together. I encouraged Joe to buy a fancy new miter saw in hopes that it would encourage him to put the trim up. As I type up this post, he's reading the directions. Mission accomplished (I think)!

I will be slowly getting back to posting deals over the next week or so. Stay tuned :)

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