Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pinterest DIY project: ticket stub holder

Pinterest has inspired me to do all kinds of things. This little DIY project is one of them. It was pretty simple, too!

I went to Michael's and picked up a 3 pack of 8x10 shadow boxes for $10 (they were 50% off). Using stock paper I lined the back of the box but was clueless what to do to add my "personal touch". So, I Googled ticket stub pictures and chose a raffle ticket template from the Microsoft Office website. 

Since it's a template you can edit, I inserted some of our info to the raffle ticket: 1st prize fun, 2nd prize memories, 3rd prize laughter, etc. Then I finished on the bottom with "Our life in tickets beginning June 20, 2004" which is the oldest ticket in the box, from our first concert together. There is a little of everything in there--our room key from our honeymoon at Sandals, sky lift passes from Tennessee, Disney World tickets, Dave Matthews tickets.

If you have some scrapbook supplies and a few bucks I highly suggest giving this project a try. I did a lot of smiling and reminiscing today. I even had a few flashbacks to our life before's hard to believe that there was life before him, but these memories are living proof :-)

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