Saturday, April 9, 2011

Disney Movie Deal at Best Buy!

On one of the great websites that I follow, Mama Cheaps, this great deal was posted that I plan to take advantage of!! If you already own Cars and Incredibles you can use the skew number to access the following coupons:

Cars-$8.00 off here
Incredibles-$10.00 off here

Best Buy has these Blu-Ray/DVD sets (available 4/12) on sale for $24.99 each, with $10 off if you buy both movies together.

So here's the breakdown:
2 movies @ 24.99=49.98
-10.00 instant savings
-18.00 coupon savings
=$21.98 for both movies

As an added bonus, each movie contains a ticket to see Cars II, which releases in theaters June 24th. If you figure in the value of 2 tickets to be $16, you're getting these movies for $5.98! Does it get any better than that?!?

Thanks to the Mama Cheaps website for keeping us up on all these great deals!

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