Monday, April 25, 2011

Disney Rewards Program

If you have kids that watch recent Disney DVD or Blu-Ray Movies, I would suggest signing up for this perk.  With the Disney Movie Rewards program, you earn points for each DVD or Blu-Ray you purchase.  There is a code on the inside of eligible movie purchases that you type in-then you can start watching your points accrue. You can also get points for seeing Disney movies in theaters, but it requires a little more effort.  When I entered all my previous movie purchases I already had 900 points.

You can redeem these points for Disney movies, toys, apparel, even Snapfish photo printing!  It's a good perk, and as much as these movies cost I figure I might as well get my money's worth!  Many of my codes also unlocked the ability to stream the movies from the Disney website onto our computer, so I can save the digital download for the I Pod. All in all I think it's worth the investment of your time.

For more information or to sign up for the rewards program, check out the Disney Rewards website.

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