Thursday, April 21, 2011

Viva Paper Towel Coupons!!

Viva has a .50 off coupon offer right now, which turns into $1.00 at Meijer or $1.50 at Kroger. Head to the Viva website to print yours. 
Also, they have a game you can play for high dollar coupons on their Facebook page. When you "like"them, they have a Grab and Go game-which is a match game. Match the coupon cards for a coupon valued from .50 off to $2.00 off.  If you run out of time, you can send the game to your Facebook friends to add more time to the clock (which is why if your my friend on Facebook you more than likely have an invite from me :))
It took Mason and I adding more time to the clock 4 times, but we scored the $2.00 off coupon!! We were jumping for joy.  Be forewarned, the $2.00 off coupon is off of 6 rolls. My sweet Viva dreams were quickly shattered :( So it's actually better to take the .50 or $1.00 off 2 rolls. Just a heads up.

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