Thursday, November 3, 2011

Black Friday CVS Ad?!?

Alrighty folks, here's the deal. This is the link for the black friday CVS Ad. Here's my disclaimer: number 1-it's a leak, and the picture quality is not as good as the normal ad previews I get from CVS directly. Number 2-this obviously is not for our area (I'm guessing it's out west somewhere). However, this is a good indicator of what our ad will look like and there are freebies galore!!

I suggest taking a look at this ad and keeping your eye out for coupons on things that will be free with Extra Care Bucks, because that instantly makes your purchase a money maker. It's worth it to me to print them off just in case! The ad is full of crazy deals :) This is the one place I will get up to go shopping at...everywhere else I will shop in my PJ's from my computer with a cup of hot chocolate (or an energy drink, depending on the time)!

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