Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cars Deal at Toys R Us!

I made a trip to Toys R Us today to stock up on a few Cars 2 items for Christmas-and ended up getting a pretty good deal. So if the Cars 2 movie or toys are on your list you may want to check this out!

Here are the promotions I used:
 *Spend $75, get a $10 gift card: from the Great Big Toy Christmas Book in the 10/30 paper
*Buy $40 in Disney movies, get a $10 gift card: I purchased Cars 2 5 Disc Combo Pack, Pirates of the Caribbean and Lilo and Stitch 2
*Buy Cars 2 on DVD or Blu Ray, get a free clock
*Spend $40 or more on any Cars 2 purchase, get a holiday vehicle 2 pack

And here's the breakdown (work with me-I know it's a little confusing!):
Pirates of the Caribbean-9.99
Lilo & Stitch-9.99
Cars 2-34.99
Cars 2 Gear to Go McMissile toy-21.99
Cars 2 Holiday Vehicle 2 pack-12.99
Cars 2 Wall Clock-14.99
-5.00 off Cars 2 Blu-Ray here
-5.00 off $20 Cars 2 purchase (previously available here)
-12.99 for free vehicle 2 pack
-14.99 for free wall clock
- $20 in gift cards for the Disney movies and $75 purchase
=$46.96 for $104.94 in product!!! Not too bad :)

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